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Financing for goods and/or services needed by the debtor for use/consumption and not for business purposes or productive activities within the agreed timeframe.

Payment Methods

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BCA Bank Teller


ATM, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking BCA

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DOKU Virtual Account

Required Documents


1. Copy of the Applicant's KTP as well as their Husband/Wife/Parent/Guardian
2. Copy of the Applicant's Kartu Keluarga
3. Copy of the Applicant's Marriage/Divorce Certificate (for those who are married/divorced)
4. Copy of the Applicant's NPWP
5. Original Salary Slip or Income Statement, at least 1 month prior
6. Copy of the Applicant's collateral/guarantee document
7. Copy of the Applicant's Account Statement
8. Copy of a valid Business Certificate/Business License (SIUP, SITU, TDP & HO)
9. Other Supporting Documents


1. Copy of KTP and NPWP of Directors and Board of Commissioners
2. Copy of the Deed of Establishment of the Company and the Deed of Amendment in accordance with statutory provisions
3. Copy of the Company's NPWP 
4. Copy of the Company's Current Account and/or Savings Account for the last 3 months of the current year
5. Copy of the Company's collateral/guarantee document
6. Copy of a valid business certificate/business license (SIUP, SITU, TDP & HO)
7. Copy of the Company's Balance Sheet and P&L Statement for the last 2 years

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