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PT. Asia Multidana ("AMD") was founded in 1992, initially under the name PT. Unicorp Leasing Corporation. The company was renamed PT. Unitama Multidana on 26 June 1997 before finally becoming PT. Asia Multidana in September of 2002. Since the founding of the company, AMD has committed to becoming the best and most respected financing establishment in Indonesia, in line with its Vision of becoming the most dominant provider of financial solutions and services to selected consumers and commercial customers in Indonesia.


Vision & Mission


Becoming the most dominant provider of financial solutions and services to selected consumers and commercial customers in Indonesia.


a. Delivering innovative products and the most excellent service consistently by utilizing existing marketing networks and sophisticated technology.

b. Creating added value for all interested parties by always referring to a strong commitment to do the best and based on the principle of mutual benefit between all parties.

Core Values


Our company values the importance of trying your best and maintaining an energetic attitude in everything we do.


We believe that integrity and trustworthiness are essential qualities that should be upheld in all aspects of our business.


We prioritize delivering fast, precise service and finding solutions to any problems that may arise.


Our company emphasizes the importance of never giving up and always thinking positively.


1 / Professionalism

As a company, AMD is committed to prioritizing the best competency in all that we do and being objective in our thinking, actions, and responsibilities. We believe that these values are essential for achieving success and making sound, fair decisions.

2 / Innovation

Our company is committed to being able to create the best creative ideas for economic growth and sustainability. We believe that this ability is essential for driving progress and ensuring long-term success.

3 / Educational

Our company aims to be a public information center that can increase the financial literacy of Indonesian consumers. We believe that by providing accurate and accessible information, we can help individuals make informed financial decisions and improve their financial well-being.


Board of Commissioners

Wijaya Subekti

President Commissioner | Komisaris Utama

Alvin Tenggono

Commissioner | Komisaris

Board of Directors

Fernando Iskandar

President Director | Direktur Utama

Kosmas Chandra

Operational Director | Direktur Operasional

Ahmad Zulkarnaen

Compliance Director | Direktur Kepatuhan

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